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Welcome to the July 2016 edition of ActionNow, the monthly newsletter of Equal Voice Action (EVA). EVA’s mission is to engage, connect and build power among poor and low-income families in order to advance policies that improve the economic and social well-being of all families.

Keep reading to learn more about the issues that matter most to families, connect to actions and activists around the country, discover opportunities to make your voice heard, and celebrate your wins and those of your allies across the country.

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#DayofEquity, a campaign hosted by the Marguerite Casey Foundation (MCF), is up and running — and waiting to hear from you.


The campaign is organized around a simple but profound question: What would a Day of Equity look like to you? The varied and visionary answers coming in from around the country flip the narrative of inequality to one of equity, and present to the country a shared vision of a just society.

If we can imagine it, we can build it.

Help us envision equity by visiting the #DayofEquity website and sharing your vision of what a Day of Equity would look like:

  • Upload a video or photo describing what your Day of Equity would look like.
  • Take a selfie with your own Day of Equity sign.
  • Create a Day of Equity drawing, poem or short story and upload it to the site.

You can also visit the #DayofEquity Toolkit to download signs and outreach materials to help jumpstart a conversation on equity or host a #DayofEquity event in your community. Keep in touch by subscribing to the Day of Equity newsletter, and share your vision for a Day of Equity on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #DayofEquity.

Join a rapidly-growing list of partners that includes the NAACP, the Brennan Center, Target Area Development Corp., The Ella Baker Center, Causa Justa and many more. Together we can create a better world. It begins with #DayofEquity.

15 Days of Equity

In 2008, Marguerite Casey Foundation listened as more than 15,000 families from 47 states identified issues of concern to families nationwide. These issues became the Equal Voice National Family Platform.

In recent weeks, the Republican and Democratic conventions have drawn attention to the priorities spelled out in the platforms of the two major political parties. As we get closer to the November election, the debate will center ever more closely on priorities defined by these parties and their respective candidates. The issues highlighted in MCF’s 15 Days of Equity, on the other hand, reflect the voices of thousands of families across the country who simply want an equal voice in the policy decisions affecting their lives.

In the coming months, EVA will be working to ensure that the issues that matter most to families are part of the national conversation. Below are the issues we are highlighting this month. For a full list, see the 15 Days of Equity website And don’t forget to use the tools on the website to add your voice and your issues in whatever medium you choose. The conversation continues—and your voice matters!


pdfYouth engagement in the workforce, in civic institutions, and political life is critical for developing the capacity of young people as leaders and decision makers and for cultivating a strong and inclusive economy. As American communities grow more and more diverse, ensuring that all youth are connected, supported, and empowered is essential to ensure their success and prosperity.



pdfOne in three working families in the U.S. struggle to meet their basic needs of housing, transportation, and childcare. Expanding access to high-quality and aff¬ordable
childcare can help these families realize their full economic potential and foster economic growth and prosperity. LEARN MORE.


America’s criminal justice system serves as a major structural barrier to racial economic inclusion. Building a criminal justice system that is more equitable and focused on prevention and rehabilitation is essential for communities of color and for long-term economic health and prosperity.


Addressing the need for access to high-quality care and housing for a rapidly increasing number of seniors is critical for the economy as well as for families. When seniors can get the care they need at home, their family members are less likely to be economically burdened. And when care jobs are good jobs, care workers can provide for their own families, contribute to the economy, and save for the future.

Check out 15 Days of Equity for detailed briefs on these issues and others families identified as central to their well-being — or check back with us next month, as EVA continues to highlight issues of importance to families.


EVA members continue to generate coverage for their efforts in the trenches all around the country. Here is a sampling of recent highlights.


FLLIC in the news

Family and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is in the news these days for its powerful work by and for families with kids behind bars. The group got a shout-out in an Ebony piece on community response to the shooting of Alton Sterling. To learn more about FFLIC, check out this KPLC segment on their work engaging family members in the effort to transform the juvenile justice system.

SOMOS hosts voter outreach

Somos Un Pueblo Unido is hosting a series of voter outreach events in the run-up to the 2016 election. Check out their Twitter feed for the latest.

Proyecto Azteca fights for health care access

Proyecto Azteca was featured in a Houston Chronicle piece on access to health care.

LUPE wins gains for immigrant moms

A piece in The Monitor on a lawsuit that has won immigrant mothers the right to their U.S.-born children’s birth certificates features the efforts of LUPE (La Union Del Pueblo Entero).

AZCAA quoted on aid limits

The Arizona Community Action Association (AZCAA) is quoted in an Arizona Republic piece on that state’s strict limits on aid to poor families. (featuring AZCAA)


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