Podcast: Rural Policy Advocacy & Voice

Podcast: Rural Policy Advocacy & Voice

Listen to Joyce Parker, Ann Williams Cass, and Earl Tulley discuss strategies and case studies for organizing and building voice and power across rural communities. 

As part of our ongoing series of virtual exchanges, Equal Voice Action hosted a discussion to explore how our members and allies in rural communities can organize, amplify our voices, and build power for effective policy change across the local, state, and federal levels.

Moderated by Joyce Parker, Co-Founder and Director of Citizens for a Better Greenville and Network Weaver for the Mississippi Equal Voice Network, the panel included Ann Williams Cass, Executive Director of Proyecto Azteca, and Earl Tulley, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Board of Directors of Diné CARE.

Panelists drew on their significant expertise in community and economic development, environmental justice, racial equity advocacy, and other key areas to share powerful stories, case studies, and strategies for:

  • attending to and amplifying community voices across rural areas;
  • connecting community residents with local and regional leaders and policymakers;
  • drawing on local culture, traditions, and resources to harness strengths and meet community needs;
  • building cross-community coalitions to wield greater policy influence; and more.


Watch the full discussion using the media player above, or listen to the podcast by using the audio player below or by visiting the Equal Voice podcast on iTunes.



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