Podcast: Youth Development & Engagement for Social Change

Podcast: Youth Development & Engagement for Social Change

Listen to Tshaka Barrows, Albino Garcia, Jr., and Lashon Amado discuss challenges for youth development and share strategies and advice for empowering young people and lifting up communities. 

As part of our ongoing virtual discussion series, Equal Voice Action hosted a virtual huddle with youth development leaders to discuss challenges, opportunities, and strategies for empowering young people to make a change for themselves and their communities.

Moderated by Tshaka Barrows, Deputy Director and Founding Member of the W. Haywood Burns Institute and a Board Member of Equal Voice Action, the panel featured Albino Garcia, Jr., Founder and Executive Director of La Plazita Institute, and Lashon Amado, National Coordinator for Community Action Teams for Opportunity Youth United / YouthBuild USA.

Drawing on their expertise and personal experiences, the panel shared powerful stories, advice, and strategies for:

  • connecting with and supporting youth;
  • negotiating the systemic challenges surrounding youth justice;
  • staffing and sustaining youth and community development initiatives;
  • embracing the value of culture, authenticity, and shared humanity in this work; and much more.


Watch the full discussion using the media player above, or listen to the podcast by using the audio player below or by visiting the Equal Voice podcast on iTunes.



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